Sunday, April 10, 2011

Random; that's me...

Looking back on some of the photos I've saved for the blog, I realise that I've been busier than I remember; but never busy enough in the quilting department.

Anyway, here's a couple of minor & major projects that I've done. I wonder what's in that basket? ....Keep tuned, more to follow.

Till next time, keep well!


  1. Hello sweet thing! Thank you for your 'get well' thoughts over at my blog ... it's so wonderful to find that people are kind enough to send me their best wishes from far away!

    Your quilts look amazing by the way... being an amateur, I feel very daunted and inspired by your work!

    x Juddie

  2. Your quilts are an inspiration, Marisa! But where's the pic of Lili-pili's?

  3. After reading your hilarious comment about Quillary's resolution research, I had to come over here and follow you around. You don't mind picking up a stalker, do you?